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Summer Delight Package


Ancient Memories and Modern Prosperity

Situated amidst the canals and gardens of the ancient city of Suzhou, Hotel Soul is the contemporary boutique hotel in Suzhou, China, bringing style and modern chic to the city centre’s commercial district. The hotel’s design concept juxtaposes elements of modern and ancient China, celebrating the nation’s remarkable swift modernisation while paying tribute to its distinguished past. The hotel’s designer interiors is furnished with warm lighting and a sense of urban sophistication.

The concept of Hotel Soul is to portray the rapid development and miraculous achievements of China. Bringing elements of China’s past alive in a contemporary urban style is its motto. The hotel’s décor uses vibrant colours, fun textures, and space-age fixtures to bring guests into a futuristic frontier. Ancient and contemporary artefacts and paintings are juxtaposed to enhance the interiors and emphasise the marvels of China’s modern day multi-faceted advancement.